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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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hence, and cannot now examine them. I have, I think, received all yours: but lately I received them two days at least after their arrival, and evidently opened; so we must be cautious now what we write. Eemember this, for of your last the seal had been quite taken off and set on again.
Last Friday we balloted for the Secret Committee. Except the vacancies, there were but thirty-one members absent: five hundred and eighteen gave in lists. At six that evening they named a committee, of which Lord Hartington was chairman (as having moved for it), to examine the lists. This lasted from that time, all that night, till four in the afternoon of the next day; twenty-two hours without remission. There were sixteen people, of which were Lord Hartington and Coke, who sat up the whole time, and one of them, Velters Cornwall1, fainted with the fatigue and heat, for people of all sorts were admitted into the room, to see the lists drawn; it was in the Speaker's chambers. On the conclusion, they found the majority was for a mixed list, but of which the Opposition had the greater number. Here are the two lists, which were given out by each side, but of which people altered several in their private lists.
THE COUET LIST. William Bowles2. *Lord Cornbury3. * William Finch4.
LETTER 70.—1 Velters Cornwall (1696-1768), of Moccas Co-art, M.P. for Herefordshire in. seven Parliaments.
2 M.P. for Bewdley.
8 Son of the Earl of Clarendon. Walpole.—Henry Hyde (1710-1753), Viscount Cornburyi eldest surviving son of fourth Earl of Clarendon, whom he predeceased. M.P. for Oxford University, 1782-50;' Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Prince
THE OPPOSITION LIST. Sir John Barnard. Alexander Hume Campbell5. Sir John Cotton.
of Wales, 1788; summoned to House of Lords as Baron Hyde of Hindon. 1750.
* Afterwards Vice-Chamberlain. Walpole.—Second son of sixth Earl of Winchelsea; Envoy to Sweden ; Envoy to the Hague, 1726; Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, 1742-65; d. 1766.
8 Afterwards Solicitor to the Prince. Walpole,